“How much is the way you speak costing you?”

Have you ever thought about how much the way you speak is costing you? How many opportunities you are leaving on the table? How much more you could achieve if you communicated with your full potential.

Our voice and the way we speak is our most powerful instrument. We use it every day to share our thoughts, our ideas and our feelings. We use it when asking for a promotion, when pitching an idea and when we’re telling our family we love them.

Our voice is literally our personality. It’s how others perceive who you are.

We watch amazing communicators with awe, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Anthony Robbins, Brene Brown etc. The way they communicate seems impossible. It seems like we would never be able to communicate the way they do, but this is just an illusion. Let me prove it to you. Watch this.


**2 other foundations will be shared below

Now you can see that it’s just an illusion. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you can’t develop world class communication skills, because you can. Here’s the thing, we can all improve the way we communicate and when we do it, it changes our lives and it changes our path.

Unfortunately, no one gives us a manual for how to speak and communicate effectively. And because it’s one of the scariest things to try to develop - we often avoid it. And the more we avoid it, the more potential we forsake. If you want others to truly see what you are capable of, you need to learn how to show it and communicate it with clarity.

This is one of the scariest things to face in life. Public speaking is terrifying. Yet everything we desire, lies on the other side of effective communication - don’t put it off any longer. It’s time to face this fear.


“You may be the best at something but you are only as good as you can communicate.”

Brad Green is an Engineering Director at Google who worked with Steve Jobs early in his career. He was inspired by the way Steve communicated with charisma to inspire but could never figure out how he did. After completing the Stage workshop Brad learnt how the best communicators in the world share their message.

“It was like a magician revealing all their secrets”.

- Brad Green


I deliver keynote speeches to over 100,000 people at 80 events all over the world every year.

I speak to experts from organisations like Microsoft, Google, Commonwealth bank, Facebook etc and the most common thing I hear from attendees is that they don’t get the appreciation, acknowledgement, promotions, opportunities that they deserve because they haven’t learnt how to communicate their value with clarity.

As a magician, I learnt this lesson the hard way. I always thought that I could bank on my technical skills, my sleight of hand. That the 1000’s of hours I spent on practicing would help me become the most successful magician in my city. That was until I met Mike.

Mike had terrible sleight of hand, it was awful. I also noticed one evening we were performing the same tricks at a client event -
I couldn’t wait to outshine Mike. And then something unexpected happens. He started to get bigger applauses than me, bigger reactions than me - I’m slightly vomiting in the back of my throat as I type this.

I was SHOCKED. How could this be??I couldn’t believe this. I am clearly better technically then he is.

The reality was that, he was a better communicator and a better showman than me.

I learnt that you are only as good as you can communicate. This lesson stung, and it changed the way I approached my craft and my life.

Here’s the reality, better communicators get better opportunities.
I know we’ve all experienced something like this in our lives.

We all know a Mike.

Here’s a diagram of what was happening with Mike and I…

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 10.05.13 AM.png

People don’t see your actual potential, they see what you are able to communicate.
Most people are selling themselves short.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 10.14.10 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 10.14.47 AM.png

The thing that truly separates STAGE from other programs is the safe environment that’s created over the 3 days. I've educated myself in these areas because I knew I wanted to become both the best speaker and teacher - I wanted to develop the deepest understanding of this craft before I started to teach it. To be a great teacher, I have to climb Everest myself before I took others up with me.

I have built built a global speaking career and everything that I teach in the Stage program to leaders - I have tested. I am not teaching you what I think works, I am teaching you what I know works.

Being great at something is one thing, but being able to teach - that's a whole different thing. The reason I've only started teaching in the last 3 years is simply because I had to learn the craft of teaching.

When you join me for a workshop, it's not me standing on stage talking at you - if that's the case, why not just give you a PDF and be done with it.

STAGE is an EXPERIENCE, it's not a traditional program, you will be pushed outside of your comfort zone - this is where the growth happens.

I believe in this workshop so much that I offer all attendees a no questions asked 100% refund if you’re not completely satisfied with your experience."

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 10.19.30 AM.png

"How nauseating, a section where I have to talk about myself. Apologies in advance.

I wanted to share with you my journey as a communication teacher. You see, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I just loved to teach. As I’ve grown my keynote speaking business, one thing has become crystal clear to me – I really want to teach people how to COMMUNICATE, how to CONNECT – and how to do so with CLARITY. Why? Because I believe it’s the most important skill in life, both professionally and personally.

I’ve devoted the last ten years to learning everything there is to know about communication. I’ve studied years in the world of theatre - not to become an actor. I’ve also trained with vocal teachers - not to become a singer. But I did these things to learn how to maximize the potential of our instrument - our voice.

As I speak all around the world and meet people from all different types of professions. One thing has become abundantly clear. People who are the most influential have learnt how to use their instrument masterfully. Most of our experiences in life are based around relationships. Think about this for a moment, your quality of life at work is based on the relationships you have with those you work with. Your quality of life at home, is based on relationships you have with your family. Everything in life is based around relationships. And when you learn about communication skills in depth, you’ll start to realize that this is the very instrument we use as human beings to BUILD relationships. The better you get at using your instrument, the better we are able to build meaningful relationships with those around us and thus improving our quality of life.

This is the very instrument that helps us build deeper connections with others. This is the tide that lifts all boats. Improve this skillset and you’ll improve your entire life.”

Vinh Giang

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 10.14.54 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 10.14.20 AM.png

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn and experience..


“Spending 3 days at Vinh’s workshop is like 3 days of nervous diarrhea. Bring extra pants.”

- Nervous student


Meet Sim. In this video you’ll see me push Sim outside of his comfort zone, and as Sim is willing to be vulnerable - experience how powerful the second foundation can be. Volume is extremely powerful.

Meet Carmine. Here I share with you the 3rd foundation - Pitch. Watch me guide Carmine to really stretch herself out of her comfort zone and engage in all the different pitches she has access to. Incredible transformation.


Below you will see videos of my students. This is why I do what I do. I fundamentally believe that when someone learns how to use their instrument, it infinitely changes the trajectory of their life. If you compare the before and after, and just imagine the two different lives the students potentially could live. In one life, they don’t know how to use their voice and as a result don’t amplify the best parts of who they are. They go through life being average with how they play their instrument and as a result don’t come across as their best self. And in the other life, they are radiating with energy and passion. They’ve learnt to master their instrument, imagine the quality people and opportunities they now attract into their lives?

Again, we did not get taught how to use our voice. Yet when we enter the workforce and leave formal education - we are expected to have great communication skills without any help. It’s time to take control of your own life, it’s time to master your instrument.

Once you learn how to master this skillset - you’ll have it for life.


“Ships are safe in the harbor,
but that’s not what ships are built for.

Vinh Giang workshops

South Australia Workshop 2019

Theatre location: 

Urban Myth Threatre
166 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood South Australia 5034

Workshop Day 1 - Friday 4th of January 
8:30am - 5pm

Workshop Day 2 - Saturday 5th of January 
8:30am - 5pm
6:30pm - 8pm Q&A (optional)

Workshop Day 3 - Sunday 6th of January 
8:30am - 5pm
6:30pm - 8pm Q&A (optional)

Workshop Investment: $1,500USD per person

- Light snacks in the morning and lunch each day will be covered and included in the workshop investment. If you have any dietary requirements please be sure to email and notify Vinh's team. 

- There will be homework before the workshop, please ensure all the homework is done. You will be notified of all the homework via email. 

- For the duration of this workshop, you will need to keep your profession a SECRET. You are to tell no one what you do. 

- Dinner will not be provided. 

- Bring a positive attitude and be prepared to be pushed outside of your comfort zones! 


I’m in, lock in my seat!


**If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and the team at


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