My best friend, my brother, my team.

Vinh Giang

Lenny Tran

Our Story

The person on the top right is Lenny Tran, my brother from another mother! ... and well... he is from different fathers as well, which really makes this quote seem like a poor choice. However, I really feel like he is my brother. In 2011, I was doing work experience in an accounting firm, and I remember absolutely hating the job. I was in university not because I wanted to study accounting, but rather I was there because "it was the right thing to do". I had only 6 months left to go in my degree when I really couldn't stand it any longer! I knew that once I finished my degree, my family would pull some strings and get me to work in one of the big accounting firms, which really scared me to death. So I built up the courage to quit! And the rest... well the rest is history now. 

I decided that I was going to build an online business teaching magic, combining two of my biggest passions in life: teaching and magic. Teaching was my first preference going into university, but I switched it last minute because I knew that being an accountant was more desirable in my community. Building an online business teaching magic just seemed perfect to me, as I was able to combine two of my biggest passions: teaching and magic. I started the journey with the help of my father who was my only investor. I lost everything... 

Being an entrepreneur at heart I was pretty quick to solve this problem....