Last workshop for 2016

Just 3 weeks ago I received news that my O1 visa was granted and my whole video production team were also granted their O2's. This means that I am now able to live in the US moving forward, I am planning in 2017 to move my whole video production team over there and also move myself over to the US to build my speaking career at full speed. Also because I am building my speaking business in the US now I am happy to share my leads with speakers who are apart of this workshop who are in Australia. 
*You'll need to master your craft before I can add you to my list of referrals. 

Thanks everyone for registering your interest, I've had over 100 people register their interest and unfortunately I won't be able to cater to everyone. There's just no way for me to be able to give enough time to everyone over 1 weekend. For this reason I've made the decision to cap it to 25-30 people. I've also hired one of Australia's top photographers and my top lead videographers will be present at the workshop, we will be supplying everyone with new head shots (3 each) and also some video content. You will have my personal crew there to support you with all your needs. I will share with you why video is so important for us as speakers in the workshop, we'll do a deep dive into this. 

Here's a quick recap of the things we'll cover and more. The workshop will be a very interactive one, I will take questions and we'll do our best to add as much value as we can to you. 

VENUE: InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto
            495 Collins Street
            Melbourne VIC
            3000 AUSTRALIA

DATES: Brief outline
Friday 18th November 6pm Dinner and catch up
Saturday 19th 8am - 5pm
Sunday 20th 8am - 5pm

Workshop outline:

1. Understand and learn how to play with the players in the industry; 

  • Speaker Bureaus, 
  • PCO's
  • Managers 
  • Association managers

Most speakers don't understand how to properly approach each of these critical players above, in order to build a successful speaking career you will need to have a deep understanding of how to work together with them as a team.


2. Learn the underlying structure for a keynote that sells, being a keynote speaker is similar to being a singer. No singer gets paid thousands of dollars to go on stage to sing a song they just wrote last week, the same goes for speakers. A speaker that has 100 different talks never enters this game professionally, they will do the odd talk here and there but never full time. You need to learn how to write the 1 hour song that is going to be a top hit, there's a structure that will help you. 

  • Signature keynote skeleton 
  • The Art of Storytelling and how to uncover stories from your own life
  • The Art of Demonstration (Vinh's X-Factor that anyone can learn)
  • How to choose your Topic/ Big Idea? We'll teach you the brain storming strategy

The reason why most people fail in this space is not because they don't have the right ingredients, it's because they have the wrong recipe. 


3. Make no mistake, once you decide to become a speaker you are making the decision to become a performer. Most people who teach presentation have learnt it from the world of business, Vinh will be teaching you delivery techniques from the world of theatre. When you are up on stage and speaking you are in performance mode not reporting mode, Vinh will teach you the art of showmanship that all magicians have to learn before they become world class. Register below and Vinh will send you his full keynote so you can see for yourself if the proof is in the pudding. 

  • Foundations in Communication (Theatre based foundations) 
  • How to use the stage properly
  • Body language 
  • How to build stronger connection and rapport with the audience and make them love you
  • Strategic methods to build confidence and control nerves


4. Learn the Business behind Keynote Speaking. This is an incredible business that not only brings fulfilment and a strong sense of purpose. It is also very financially rewarding as well if you build the right systems. Many people in the industry treat their speaking as a hobby and not a business, for those who want to take their speaking seriously it's an amazing business!

  • 15 Lead Generation techniques 
  • Personal Branding 
  • DIY Website Management (stop relying on annoying web designers, the technology is here for you to DIY)
  • Email capturing system 
  • Create systems to automate mundane tasks
  • How to set fees
  • Social Media 
  • How to use video to attract more gigs
  • How to be more engaging on camera

When I started out as a speaker, I went to all the wrong association meetings and then had to unlearn the old marketing techniques and lessons that they taught. This industry is severely behind and is in deep need of disruption. 


5. Deep dive into strategy. Vinh hasn't retired as a speaker, he is at his prime and his speaking career is growing leaps and bounds globally. Unlike other workshops where you are learning from a speaker who 'used to speak', you will be learning from someone who's career is sky rocketing now. You will be learning the latest techniques that a successful speaker is implementing on a weekly basis. A Q&A session with Vinh is one of the most valuable things at this workshop, he will share with you how he was able to get the attention of the top speaking bureaus in the US and Asia. 

Vinh will not hold anything back in this session, what ever you want to learn Vinh will open his speaking business up and show you. 


Workshop Price: $5,500

                                                             *GST Included.
                                                             **You will need to cover your own travel and accomodation. 

                                                             ***Limited to max of 30 people.

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