One of my worst fears

People often say;

"If I can see it, I'll believe it."

But I believe;

"Sometimes you have to believe it, before you can see it." 

This is such an interesting quote that has affected me in many different ways in my life;

(1.) If I blindly believe in something without an ounce of doubt, it will lead me to success and I will be able to actualise my dreams. 

(2.) This quote is full of sh*t because heaps of people believe in what they do and still fail to see the path that leads them to success. 

(3.) I spend all my time thinking about this but never end up taking action either way and nothing changes.

I've experienced all 3 on repeat in my life. I use to take no action because I feared people would think I'm crazy for taking path (1.). I also took no action because I feared path (2.), I didn't want to fail and I'm scared to fail. 

What I've come to understand is that there are far worse things than being called crazy and failing in life.

The most scary thing to me is path (3.), being completely idle in life, with no sense of progress whether it be forward or backwards. Don't sit on the fence where it's safe and cosy. Make a decision on what you want to believe in and fight for that belief with everything you've got. Defend what you believe like your future depends on it, because it does. 

Finally I feel like I can say with complete conviction that I believe that all my dreams can come true because I believe it will happen for me and because of this intense belief I will find the way. I know this might mean some people will call me crazy and foolish but this is the path I choose. 

Calling out the people who are on this journey with me, are you being idle? Are you sitting on the fence? I write this post because I wish someone called me out on this years ago. PIt's time to take action and consciously create the life we desire and not just allow ourselves to just drift about. Don't let an amazing life pass you by.