An evening with an honest liar! OMG IT'S JAMES RANDI!

One of my greatest hero's since I was a kid! 

One of my greatest hero's since I was a kid! 

Let me give you a little background info on James Randi, he is an amazing stage magician who retired from this when he was 60 years old and since then has devoted his life to challenging  paranormal claims and pseudoscience.

As a young magician I’ve always looked up to this man here, I remember when I used to read his books and look at his pictures and wonder where in the world this man lives! He looked like a character that was out of a fiction book, he actually encapsulates the image of a magician quite perfectly. I honestly never thought there would come a day where I would be able to spend an evening with Randi. I can’t even begin to explain how I felt that night, it’s just absolutely marvellous when you are able to meet with one of your heroes. It does something to you, a dose of inspiration, motivation, drive, ambition, I could literally name all the positive emotions a human being could experience and it still wouldn’t be enough to explain how I felt.

I feel like there are times in our lives we are so quick to rule out things like this, I hear my friends say all the time that they wish they could meet this person or that person but they never try. The moment we label something as being impossible we literally seize to try which means that we’ll never achieve that goal. The benefits of being able to meet and engage with one of our heroes does wonders for our minds, I really feel like he unlocked something in me that evening and I feel this new strong sense of purpose as a speaker and magician.

My message in this post is simple, I know we have a hero that we would love to meet. Believe it’s possible and do what ever it takes to cross paths with that person, when we get to spend time with great minds it changes us, it change the path of our lives. Keep dreaming like our lives depended on it!

If for some super strange and unfortunate reason you do not know anything about this man (which I highly doubt could be possible), you need to watch his TED video!!