If a stranger knocked on your door and asked to stay with you, what would you say?

I’m the kid on the left with the HUGE smile, mum and dad are right behind me

I’m the kid on the left with the HUGE smile, mum and dad are right behind me

Many years ago I recall a beautiful conversation with my dad. My dad asked me a question out of no where, he asked me..

“Son, if a stranger came to our home tonight and asked you if they could stay with our family what would you say?”

I remember I didn’t even think and I immediately said..

“NO WAY!! They could be a murderer or a bad person!”

My dad without hesitation whacks me across the head because I totally ruined the point of his story that he was about to tell me ha ha! It was quite funny but dad was actually quite angry with me….
My father then began telling me a beautiful story. Below is the story told in pretty much my dads words.

“Son, don’t be too quick to judge people, always give people the benefit of the doubt. People are all born good and even when people do bad things it’s because of bad situations that force people to do bad things. You know.. 30 years ago our family came to Australia and as strangers we knocked on the door of Australia and asked the Australian people if they would let us live with them and you know what they said? They said yes! They didn’t know us, we could have very well been murderers or bad people but they gave us the benefit of the doubt. The Australian people took us in, gave us a new home and gave you a bright future. We lost our home and everything we owned because of war and we are so lucky to have a new home here in Australia, remember this as you live life always  give back to our family here in Australia, our family as in the Australian people. Without them we wouldn’t be here. No matter what you do, just always keep this lesson close to heart and always appreciate this place you call home, to me son it’s Heaven on earth.

When you eat the fruits of success in life, always remember those who helped you plant the tree. This is where you will find happiness son.”

I share this story with you because this was the very story that really motivated me to become a speaker. You see, before this my dream was to become a magician and a really successful entrepreneur but after having this amazing conversation with my father I was so inspired to give back. Becoming a speaker was one of the best ways I found that I could give back.  I am so grateful for the kindness of the Australian people, thank you for accepting my family and thank you for allowing me to  call Australia home! I’ve traveled the world and there just no place like home.. Australia truly is Heaven on earth.

I also learnt from this conversation with my dad what life is all about, it’s about helping others. We live in a world now where it’s all about me, me, me, me, me and me. Everything we see on the bookshelves and TV is “10 steps on how you can lose weight”, “6 steps on how you can become successful”, “the 3 key secrets that will make you a millionaire overnight” etc. Imagine if instead we had things like “How to help the person next to you lose weight”, or “6 ways to help your friends and community become successful”. My point here is simple, after being able to speak and share knowledge with others it has changed my life. I feel so fulfilled and happy, it’s really hard to describe how I actually feel each and every day I wake up. If you are unhappy or feel down, do something nice for someone, anything! It can be simple as a smile, or buying a friend lunch. These acts of kindness towards others brings about the most amazing feelings in the world.. I really hope this midnight blog post makes sense, I just felt the need to share this with the world.