Our Magic show rehearsal was a success!

Last year I was able to achieve one of my biggest dreams in life – to have my own magic show. It was a huge success last year at the Adelaide Fringe where we had 14 sell out shows. This year the Adelaide Fringe has put their faith in us and gave us a full run of 29 shows which means just over $200,000 worth of tickets to sell. For this reason since last year September I have been starting to prepare for the magic show this year, we have decided to call the show Deception. The show is about the journey of a magician, why does someone get into magic? What road blocks do they hit? What lessons do they learn? This is something that I’ve always felt is very beautiful but because of the secretive nature of magic this journey is never shown to the general public. This is the one show where as a magician I will be very honest about how dishonest I will be.

Last year our very first show was a disaster because we didn’t rehearse properly and didn’t have a stage manager etc. This year looking back and learning from all of our lessons we decided to put on a TEST show where we invited 200 people that we knew to the Urban Myth Theatre and we essentially did a full run of our show. The audience LOVED the show!! I am feeling very confident this year and feel like we are about to take our magic to the next level. The art of magic is about continually improving, as a magician we always strive to enhance the experience we are able to bring to our audiences. Not only is this very important in magic I feel it’s very important in business, in my online business we focus a lot on the customer experience which has been a big reason why we’ve been successful. I love the synergies between the world of magic and business it’s really uncanny.