Sharing the stage with Guy Kawasaki?!?!

Look how close my picture is to his! 

Look how close my picture is to his! 

…. I feel a little lost for words… Who am I kidding I’m never lost for words ha! I’m a speaker!

For as long as I can remember I have been a huge fan of Guy Kawasaki, I’ve seen every single one of his keynotes on youtube that you can find. This man is one of the two people responsible for inspiring me to pursue a career in speaking! I was told just weeks ago that I will be sharing the stage with this man in Sydney in November…. Still hard to believe that things like this in life can actually happen. This man is my hero!

If you check that link out you will see that Guy Kawasaki is the top speaker and I am right under him!! You will probably think I am crazy but this is huge for me, to have my name placed so close to his really is something that is just huge for me. I remember a good friend asking me..

“Let me tell you about the tomb stone test.. When you die, what do you want written on your tombstone?”

At the time when he asked me I really didn’t know, as life unfolds I feel like I am starting to get some clarity as to what I would like written.

“Vinh Giang.. The man who proved that anything is possible.”

Haha! When you read this you are most likely thinking, I have lost my mind… I say it a lot and you know what every time  I say “Anything is possible” I still believe it 100% with all my heart. I post these posts not to gloat and make others  jealous but I want to be that beacon of light that is flashing for those who are going through hard times, I want to remind those who are about to give up… I want to remind you..

“It’s possible.”

It’s so easy to get caught up in life and it’s dramas that sometimes we let negativity consume us. I often think about my family, as you an probably tell! Imagine my family didn’t believe that escaping Vietnam was possible.. I would not be living the life I am today if my family didn’t have faith that it was possible. My parents both instilling this quality in me has been the best thing to ever happen.. Imagine just for a moment… What life are you giving up? What life could you be living?

At the risk of repeating my self...

“Anything is possible.”