Top 38 Business speakers in Australia?

Vinh Giang made the top 38 Business speakers list!

Vinh Giang made the top 38 Business speakers list!

Just yesterday morning I received an email from one of my best friends Matthew Michalewicz and he shared this link:

I was listed as one of the top 38 most popular business speakers of 2013-14!!!!! After my keynotes and magic shows I noticed that people would walk out and be in absolute awe of what I have been able to do on stage, people have this perception that I am super amazing. The truth is, I am just the same as you. There is nothing I have that you don’t! My mother always told me that the moment I was born and she saw me for the first time, she knew that I would be successful in life. I remember asking my mother how? Like how could anyone possibly know that their kids will be successful just by looking at them! What she said next stuck with me all my life, she said

“Son when I saw that my boy was born with two eyes, two hands, two legs and everything intact I knew you had everything you need to conquer your dreams.”

I believe that everyone needs to hear this, if you haven’t now you have!

As a speaker and magician I’ve gotten to the point where performing has become some what a subconscious thing and because of this when I stand on stage there are these wonderful moments where I am watching you in the audience as intensely as you are watching me and  I’ve discovered something truly beautiful. Magic is just one of those art forms which can really bring out the inner child in 99.9% of people! Once you see a piece of magic that is well performed no matter who you are,  for a moment you become a kid again! When this happens I see hundreds sometimes thousands of people suspend all disbelief and everyone is sitting there with the mindset that anything is possible (I cant describe to you how beautiful this actually is in words!!). Without even being conscious of it you want the magician on stage to be able to perform magic, you want the magic to be real! Without this innate desire for the magic to be real and the suspension of disbeliefs the magician on stage can never perform ‘real magic’. The beautiful thing here is that this PROVES you have the ability to suspend negative beliefs!! The moment you suspend all disbelief the magician is able to perform some of the most amazing feats of magic you’ve ever seen in your life! The moment you suspend all negative beliefs in your life you’ll be able to achieve your wildest dreams. You have what it takes to make your dreams a reality!!! I really hope this doesn’t come across cheesy because I’ve never discovered something that is so true. If I could reach through this screen and shake you profusely I would! If I look back just 5 years ago, if someone told me I would have my name listed next to people like Mark Bouris and Matthew Michalewicz I would not have believed you for a second. The day I suspended my negative beliefs aside and dared to be bold and dared to dream.. That was the day I truly started to live truly live.