Be amazing and nothing less.

It's really interesting being a Magician and an Entrepreneur at the same time. I've used many magic concepts from the world of magic in my businesses and have become quite successful as a result. One of which  I'd like to share with you today. As a magician, you are either amazing or you're not amazing

Let me draw the link between the two worlds for you.  

You see I believe that in business, everything starts with an idea and from that idea we develop a strategy to bring the ideas to life. Then we have to execute the strategy in order to achieve some kind of result, hopefully a good one!

In the world of magic it's the same thing, it all begins with an idea and from that idea we develop a methodology and once we've developed that we now need to perform it. Depending on how well the magician performs it will create some kind of result - hopefully success! 

Business people call it strategy, magicians call it methodology and what business people call execution magicians call performance. We live in the same world and there's not much difference between what we do, besides one thing. 

You see with magicians we have to perform flawlessly, otherwise the magic trick doesn't work. All it takes is one error on the magicians part and the magic is dead, if you saw cards fall from a magicians sleeve while he is performing... What do you think? You see when it comes to magic magicians understand that 99% isn't good enough, we don't have the luxury of being able to aim for anything less than 100%. When a magician is able to flawlessly execute the strategy - he creates a beautiful piece of magic that people will remember forever. Because we live in a world where the margin between success and failure is so fine we understand the power behind sticking to strategy and not deviating 1% away from the plan. 

There is so much potential behind great strategies, but the potential is not realised unless we stick to the strategy. What I find when I look at business is that most people will follow a strategy with 80% precision and after they get some good results they start to feel comfortable. Blinded by this comfort they do not stick to the plan and execute the strategies with the same intensity. As a result of this they don't realise the full potential that exists within the strategy and because of this we don't create a beautiful piece of magic. We just create something ordinary... and ordinary isn't magic. 

An incredible amount of potential lies within great strategies, our job is to realise 100% of the potential. Teller, an amazing magician that I absolutely adore has a great quote

"Sometimes, MAGIC is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect." 

Magicians spend a lot of time perfecting their ability to execute, we place a lot of emphasis on execution because this is the key skill set that allows us to realise the potential required to create 'Magic'. Apply this same thought process to business and you will unlock something amazing. 

I've been working for 6 months on this new keynote and I've recently started to deliver it at conferences around the world and I got an amazing piece of feedback I'd like to share! 

"Dear Vinh,

on behalf of our Victorian members and the LMG team we would like to thank you for your performance at Tuesday's annual members conference. The business session was delivered exactly to the brief provided. The feedback from members is above all expectations. Killer Execution is a key pillar in our strategy and there is no doubt that you have enhanced members ability to understand the significance of the value that can be created with execution by every member on a daily basis. The cost of your performance would be the best investment I have made on the Victorian membership base.

The evening entertainment will be talked about and remembered by all in attendance for a very long time. Your generosity of time by engaging every table  is sincerely appreciated and valued. 

Vinh you have extraordinary talent, delivered with professionalism whilst always remaining humble and making your audience crave for more.

I'm sure that you will have the same response in NSW. I also understand that our Queensland GM has enquired about your availability.

Best wishes, and again thank your for  the contribution you made to and very successful conference."
Frank Palumbo | General Manager Retail Sales & Marketing | Liquor Marketing Group