Don't ever give up on your dreams - fight for it and protect it.

So excited!!! I just got selected as a speaker to speak at INBOUND 2016 in Boston later this year!!! Some of my biggest idols will be on stage there!! Just to name one.. Gary Vaynerchu!! 

Many of you may not know but I  started my speaking career about 3 years ago, I started speaking in schools and rotary clubs in my home town of Adelaide, South Australia. I had a big dream for a small town guy but I was relentless about my dream, I realised early on that if I had a dream I had to protect it with everything that I had. 

Massive win!

Massive win!

There will be people who won't understand your dream and will without knowing tread on your dreams (again not intentionally but they just won't understand how much you love what you love). Your dream that you have for you is precious, guard it, protect it, don't let anyone destroy it. We all have a dream we are holding onto inside, you may have buried it really deep within you because someone you love and trust told you it wasn't possible. Please don't give up on it. 

I'm not saying drop everything and chase your dreams but just do a little bit of it. When I wanted to become a speaker, I didn't just drop everything in my life and just spoke (I couldn't do that I wasn't getting paid as a speaker when I started). I just spoke on the weekends and once a week for the local schools. Being able do what I love just on the weekends brought me so much joy! Even when I wasn't being paid! I LOVED EVERY MOMENT. 

What ever your dream, just start doing a little bit of it every week. What ever you do, don't give up on it completely, I see so many people who are feeling mellow and sad in the world we live in today and I believe it's because they've let go of what they love most. They've let go of their dreams. 

Just do a little every week and play the long term game. You'll get there! If a bogan like me can do it, you can too :P