STAGE 2017

The Ultimate Communications Workshop

3 day master class with Vinh giang

I've wanted to teach communication skills for a very long time, and it's taken me years to distill the lessons that I've learnt. If you've ever thought about improving your communication skills then register below. Please only register if you're ready to commit, work hard and really get out of your comfort zone. Because of the customisation that I do for each class, I will only be holding small classes. And there's also an audition process as well.. Register your interest below if you want to be notified when auditions begin and receive more info about the workshops later this year..

19th July 2017 UPDATE******

Workshop details...

Dates: 10th - 12th November 2017

Location: Los Angeles

The workshop will run for 3 full days. Each day will begin at 8am and conclude at 6pm.

*Further details will be released to those who pass the audition process.

Price: $1,500 USD 

*You will need to cover you own airfares and accomodation. I will provide food and everything else you need for the workshop.

Audition process:

1. I need you to make a 1-2 minute video of you sharing a story about your childhood, it can be any story you like and max time duration is 2 minutes.

2. I would also like you to record me an audio file of you leaving me a voice mail (Don't actually call me but record an audio file of you leaving a mock voicemail). Pretend that you've called me on my phone and then leave a response as if you are selling me your services, you can relate this to your day job ie. if you're an accountant, then leave a voicemail as an accountant who is trying to win a client over. **You could even make up a job if you wish!

I will need these two files shared with me via dropbox or youtube. If you decide to use dropbox then please use my email to share the file with me. If you upload it to youtube please send me the links to your unlisted video + audio.

In the email please use the subject title: "Los Angeles STAGE Group 8 Audition" to


Due date for audition videos: July 31st 2017

*There are no extensions on this date, I will select the 50 class members on a first come first serve basis with the auditions that come in.

Please remember that this is an intensive process and it's something that you'll really need to commit to. Before the workshop even starts, you'll receive exercises which you must complete. If you're ready for something different and out of your comfort zone, come join me! And I promise it'll be an experience you'll never forget. I don't make this promise lightly...


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