mini Documentary Series


Episode 1 - FEAR

Public speaking is my life. And teaching public speaking and communication skills.. This is my purpose. In this mini doco series I want to take you behind the scenes and share with you the journey that my students go on as they acquire and master one of the most important skill sets in the world. But to do this they must conquer their fears. They must face their fears.

One of the biggest insights I’ve been able to discover is that all the fears that we have, they are not unique to us. We all feel the same fear. We are all scared of the same things. And when you realize this, that we all share these fears and have these fears in common. It strips fear of its power.

I hope you enjoy this and if you do, please do share it - we are creating this series to hopefully create more awareness about why it’s so important to work on your ability to communicate. Sharing this will help us spread the word.

Special thanks to all my students, who gave themselves to the workshop and also this video series. Thank you for your vulnerability and realness. You are my inspiration.


Episode 2 - The Skill we were never taught

Growing up, I never had great communication skills. I never knew how to express the things that I was thinking or the things that I was feeling. It drove me crazy. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t achieving success in so many areas of my life. In my business, relationships, friendships - it was ok.. but none of these areas were thriving. It all came down to my lack of communication skills. It’s funny how we tend to think of great communication skills as something that we all should just know - it’s an assumption most workplaces make. You should have great communication skills. It’s an assumed skill, yet we were never taught.. In this video my students share some of their vulnerable stories about where the lack of communication skills also held them back. See if you can relate?



In this video, my students share their take aways after diving heavily into the world of communication skills. This is them after they’ve taken their first step towards mastering their instrument. It blows me away how much their mindset has shifted just after day 1. And what’s even more crazy to me as a teacher is what my students took away, some of the lessons they distilled - I didn’t even intend! It’s fascinating seeing what I teach through the lens of my students. With this series, I am trying to look at communication skills from as many different perspectives as I can.

EPISODE 4 - Relevance

Often we find things to be boring because it has no relevance to us. Communication skills tend to be one of those things that we find boring and bland. The key reason for this is because of our teachers. Including myself. We are the problem. We often get so fixated on teaching the WHAT and the HOW that we forget about the why. We forget to share with our students WHY it’s so important to improve their ability to communicate. In this video I have the students share with you their reasons for why they want to improve their ability to communicate.


The deeper I dive into the world of teaching communication skills, the more I see how it all connects. One of the most fascinating connections that I’ve stumbled across is that as you improve your ability to communicate, it actually helps you to dream bigger.  I’ll explain further in this video :)