I always begin my keynotes with this message from my mum because I believe in it with all my heart.

"Son, remember there's nothing amazing about you. The only thing that's amazing about you are the lessons that have made you who you are today. When you are on stage, remember to never put yourself on the pedestal but always put the lessons that have made you who you are on the pedestal."

With this lesson my mum gave me so much confidence in my life, I always looked at the successful people and would believe that what they have achieved is possible. I believed it was possible, because I knew that if they could learn the lessons so could I. 

I've spent a big part of my life putting a lot of effort seeking out mentors that have taught me amazing lessons. Today as a keynote speaker I get to travel the world and meet some of the most amazing leaders and when I meet with them, I always ask them to name their number 1 must read book. I've read the majority of the books below, they have become a part of my life and I fundamentally believe that I am where I am today because of the books that I've read and the lessons that I've been taught by my family and mentors. 

I hope that these will serve you as they have served me. Please email me if you have any good books to recommend! 

PS. I've linked the books below for you so you can easily find them, just click on the book :) 

***I will add more to this list shortly!