Partnership with Vinh Giang

Hey it’s Vinh!

If you’re on this page, it means we’ve worked together before. My strongest skillset is something magicians call showmanship, which is just a fancy word for communication skills. If you’ve seen me speak, I hope you’ll agree that I’m above average at communication (gosh I feel like vomiting after praising my self like that).

Many of my clients don’t know this but - I teach this. I’ve spent years in the world of theatre and vocal training not to become and actor nor a singer but rather to learn how to communicate effectively and masterfully. I’ve distilled the last 10 years of my life into 3 powerful days.

Having spoken to industries all over the world, what I’ve come to realize is that many leaders are technically brilliant and extremely capable but it just isn’t enough anymore in today’s world. In this video below, I explain why it’s so important to build great communication skills as leaders..


The program that I run is a 3 day workshop that’s run out of Southern California. I have very limited seats as I only have a maximum of 50 students per class, and I only run 10 workshops a year (meaning I only have 500 seats available every year in total).

What will my team learn?

Video trailer of the STAGE Workshop

What are people saying about the STAGE Workshop?

Below is the Partnership document that will have all the details on how we can work together! Please let me know if you’d like to schedule a call to talk about this! Just email me at

Looking forward to working together with your team!

Vinh Giang