Homework #2


Before you start the breathing video below, please yawn 5 times to warm up. Watch the video below to yawn, it's fantastic for this. Don't resist the yawn as you are watching the video, just let it out. Please also note when you yawn, please let out some sound just like the main actor below is doing. You should yawn a few times (with sound) every time you are about to use your voice extensively. 

**As you yawn I want you to notice how yawning relaxes the throat and the back of the mouth. 

After getting everyone to do the vocal exercises in the last email, I've received a few emails about breathing. Some of you were running out of breath and also felt a little dizzy after doing the exercises. Don't worry this is normal! Most people don't breathe properly and thus never actually take in that much oxygen and it can make you a little light headed if you're not used to it. Just to make sure we all are breathing correctly here's a video I made a while back on diaphragmatic breathing. 

Please make sure you watch this video and start to be conscious of how you are breathing on a daily basis. Again it'll be very easy to know who hasn't watched this and even easier to know who hasn't practiced this form of breathing. 

Keep at this! See you in the next homework Module! AND! Don't forget to reply my email about the vocal exercises!