Homework #3

Things to prepare before the workshop

**IMPORTANT: I need you to learn 30 seconds of any song. Don’t worry about why ;) it doesn't matter if you can't sing. 

For these questions I want you to write the answers out in a notebook (and bring this notebook to the workshop!)

  1. Think of 1 person in your life and tell me a story about that person 
  2. Think of a place and tell me one story about related to the place 
  3. Think of of a thing and tell me a story about that thing 
  4. Think of an event and tell me a story about that event 
  5. Think of a story that has helped you become who you are today

**2 min limit on each story. 


Now this next section please fill out in the form below, it's linked to my google docs so I will automatically get the replies. You don't need to email these to me! 

Don't forget to reply my email about the vocal exercises!