Homework #2

You're all awesome! 



1. Record one side of a conversation you have with a friend. Just the audio. Please make sure it goes for at least 5 minutes and make sure you talk! 

2. List 3 speakers that inspire you and send me their names and also a youtube link of that person speaking. 

3. Find 6 stories from your life, each story must consist mainly of one of the following core emotions;
- Anger
- Disgust
- Fear
- Happiness
- Sadness
- Surprise

Will  be back in touch on the 18th of December! 



Q: With task number 3, are we recording it? or just reflecting? 

A: The purpose of task 3 is for a live delivery of the story at the workshop. Don't focus on the story having to be perfectly delivered, it's not about that. This task is all about the emotions you will feel. To prepare yourself best for the delivery of the story at the workshop, write the stories out. You can write them out in full, or in just dot points. You already know the stories.