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Who is this Vinh Giang guy?

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Keynote speaker

For many years I have noticed the common threads between the world of business and the world of magic. I believe what makes me unique as a speaker is my ability to speak about important business and motivational concepts in an interesting way. The way I do this is by using magic as my metaphor when I speak. This keeps people highly engaged and helps make the “medicine taste good”. 


In 2011, three of my good friends and I decided to leave our professional careers in accounting and pharmacy to pursue a dream. After 3 long years of hard work, we have built an online platform that now teaches magic to over 48,000 students from all over the world (www.encyclopediaofmagic.com.au). I was also awarded with South Australia Young Entrepreneur of the Year. I feel very lucky to be doing what I love every day! 




For the last 15 years I have been obsessed with the art of magic. Since a young age, I have been mesmerised by this mysterious art form. Today, I am a professional magician performing all over the world. In 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, I performed at the Fringe, and for 4 consecutive years I have won Top Reviewed Show and Top Voted for Show. 


Recent clients


Watch the videos below to get a sense for how I am able to hold the audience in the palm of my hands. Watch how I use magic as my metaphor.. 

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"I have never seen any speaker like Vinh before, he's so young but wise beyond his years."

"Vinh you've changed my life."

"Vinh you were the highlight and after one week everyone in our company is still talking about you!"

"You are absolutely a delight to watch on stage and when you come off stage you are the most humble and human person I've ever met."

"As a conference organiser I've worked with so many speakers and you my friend are in the top 1% of speakers I've ever worked with."

"No one has ever got 100% on the feedback form EVER!"

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