STAGE 2018
The ultimate communication workshop experience

  Me and my little boy <3

Me and my little boy <3

Quick message from Vinh;

"I wanted to share a little with you about my communication skills journey. You see, I always wanted to be a teacher. It's one of the reasons why I created an online magic school. It didn't matter what I was teaching, but that I was teaching, because I love it. As I’ve grown my keynote speaking business, one thing has become crystal clear to me – I really want to teach people how to COMMUNICATE. How to CONNECT – with CLARITY. Why? Because it’s the foundation for all we do – personally and professionally.“

I’ve devoted the last ten years to learning everything there is to know about communication. Drawing from a background in theatre and voice - adding in the strategies and psychologies that help bring us together as people – this allows us to interconnect in ways we may have never done. I’ve taken all of that knowledge, hard work, education, and training – and infused my entire career with it. It’s one of the reasons I am asked to speak at over 80 events every year. And it’s what I want to teach to YOU. If you’re ready to get more out of life right now by taking your communication game to the next level? I’m just the teacher to teach you.”


"Learn how to amplify the best parts of who you are
to the rest of the world."

The Stage Experience


What to expect;

This workshop is designed to be highly experiential. There’s nothing CONVENTIONAL about it. No teacher lecturing. No boring notes. No sitting on the sidelines.


what you will learn..

The lessons that you will learn at this workshop is heavily influenced by the world of theatre and singing. 

  • Exercises to build self confidence 
  • How to deal with fear 
  • The foundations of world-class communication skills (master these and watch your life change) 
  • Build the key skillset that will allow you to be fluent and flow with clarity when you speak 
  • Vocal training to develop a stronger and more resonant voice 
  • Theatre exercises to develop more freedom in the way you move
  • How to allow your emotions to come through when you speak 
  • How to build more self-awareness 
  • The art of storytelling 
  • How to deep dive on pragmatic delivery techniques 
  • There's more -- but some things are worth the surprise

This is a communication skills workshop focused primarily on delivery. I want to share with you how to fine-tune your instrument so that you can rise above the noise. 

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As a teacher... 

"I don't want to become complacent as a teacher, I want to continually improve my ability to communicate so that I am able to be the best teacher I can be. This is my promise to you if you decide to join me at one of my workshops. My promise to you is a safe environment to learn and grow. A platform that allows you to shift your mindsets and become open to new ideas. And fun. We always make sure there’s an element of that. Join me. It will change EVERYTHING.”


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