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As an experienced keynote speaker, Vinh knows that what transpires on stage is not about him. It’s 100% about the audience. It’s about the life-changing lessons he’s been so fortunate to learn along the way and sharing them in a manner that transforms people. That’s where magic happens.


Who is this Vinh Giang guy?

(It's slightly upsetting that you don't know who I am!)


"This is who I am in a nutshell as one would say!"


Keynote speaker

There are common threads between the worlds of business and magic. Timing. Practice. Skills. Connection. Momentum. Persuasion. Perspective. Influence. Vinh has made the art of weaving those threads into messages that matter his life’s work. His goal is to move your audience to take life and career changing action. To inspire them, lift them up – and leave them with a feeling of wonder and empowerment. To see the possible in the impossible. To feel the magic in the metaphors and to find the solutions that set success in motion.


Several years ago, Vinh and three good friends left professional careers in accounting and pharmacy to pursue a dream. Since then, they’ve built an online platform that now teaches magic to over 800,000 students from all over the globe. Vinh was honored to be awarded with South Australia Young Entrepreneur of the Year for this endeavor. Learn more at 52kards





For more than 15 years Vinh has pursued his passion for MAGIC. This mesmerizing, mysterious art form has the ability to compel audiences to shift perspectives, suspend disbelief, entertain with wonder, and inspire people in extraordinary ways. It is his exciting privilege to share this fascinating art with people all over the globe. He was honored to perform at The Fringe from 2012-2015, and to have won Top Reviewed Show and Top Voted for Show.


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If you are interested in having Vinh speak at your event or in improving your communication skills, check out the below.



Vinh is one of the world’s top keynote speakers. Every year he speaks to over 100,000 people at 80 events all over the world .

Clients include Microsoft, Google, Commonwealth bank, Facebook and LinkedIn.



STAGE is a 3-day immersive communication workshop where I teach my students everything I know about communication.

The purpose of the workshop is teach my students how to COMMUNICATE, how to CONNECT – and how to do so with CLARITY.

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The STAGE Foundations Online Course and Communication Gym is the best way for you to learn and master the FIVE foundations of communication.  

In the Gym challenges are set every 2 weeks, so you can practice your skills and get feedback in a supportive environment.

Watch the videos below to get a sense for how I am able to hold the audience in the palm of my hands. Watch how I use magic as my metaphor.. 

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"I have never seen any speaker like Vinh before, he's so young but wise beyond his years."

"Vinh you've changed my life."

"Vinh you were the highlight and after one week everyone in our company is still talking about you!"

"You are absolutely a delight to watch on stage and when you come off stage you are the most humble and human person I've ever met."

"As a conference organiser I've worked with so many speakers and you my friend are in the top 1% of speakers I've ever worked with."

"No one has ever got 100% on the feedback form EVER!"

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