One of my early influencers in life - Jindou Lee

I still remember meeting Jindou for the first time, he had just started one of his early businesses and I walked into his shabby office which was literally next to a sex shop - it was hilarious! The first thing he says to me is "Can you do magic?", so the meeting begins with magic tricks which went on for a very long time! Then we started our meeting and about half way in, Jindou talks about all these startup terms that I just didn't understand at the time. He kept using the word "Sales funnel", my blank face obviously gave things away. He then pulls out a huge pad and spends the next 30 minutes explaining to me what a sales funnel is - in detail. I mean at the time Jindou was running a business building apps, and even though we didn't end up getting an app built with him because we couldn't afford it.. He still helped us in every way! We came back to his office time and time again for advice. He gave us books, DVD sets, access to online courses etc.

He is an incredibly generous human being and to see him go from humble beginings to where he is today is just the best thing ever! He has had a massive influence on my life and I'll never forget it!

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