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Always be prepared, don't complain and just keep beating on your craft

Because I travel so much I start to notice that as humans we're all the same, it doesn't matter where we come from and what our past. We are just all so similar, myself included. 

I fall victim to this often but when things get hard it's so easy to complain and just get stuck in a rut. I've started to condition myself so that every time I want to complain, I just go and practice my craft. EVERY TIME. It's working a treat :) 

Meeting with Speaker Bureaus in the US

It's taken a long time to be able to finally set up meetings with Bureaus in the united states. It still blows my mind that in Australia we have a population of 20 million give or take and in the US they have over 360 million.. I've had my eye set up the US for a while now and it's just amazing to see your dream begin to come together slowly :) 

An amazing close up Magician.. Kai Taylor!

This kid is amazing, I met him about 2 years ago in a magic club and he's just grown leaps and bounds! You just have to watch the video to see :) 

An amazing close up magician :)

Backstage Pass ep.15 - An amazing close up magician :)

Posted by Vinh Giang on Saturday, January 9, 2016

Be so good they can't ignore you! - Backstage Pass ep. 02

Many people believe that success in business is a result of great marketing, while I think this is true - there's something even more important you need to consider! 

Backstage Pass ep. 02 - Don't be a negative Nancy and just foc...

Backstage Pass ep. 02 - Don't be a negative Nancy and just focus on your craft.*No Nancys' feelings were hurt in the production of this video Ps. Will you subscribe to this philosophy?? If so comment and lets keep each other accountable!

Posted by Vinh Giang on Friday, September 25, 2015