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Thank you!

“The team and I really appreciate you coming along to the workshop! We can’t wait to have you. We’ve secured an entire theatre just for you and the class, you’ve got an intense and special 3 days coming up!

It’s time to learn and master one of the most important skills in our lives. Your ability to publicly speak and communicate is the tide that lifts all boats.”

Vinh Giang

Ps. Be sure to check your emails within the next 24 hours for an email from Kylee, she will be in touch with the homework that needs to be completed before the workshop! Please be sure to check your junk mail too!

Pps. If you know anyone who wants to join the workshop please feel free to send them this link;

Ppps. In celebration of you coming to the workshop, I threw my son on my back and we went for a few laps around the local shopping centre. Looking forward to meeting you and spending 3 days together!

Pppps. I wonder how many of these you can do before it gets weird.. 😂